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  • Funds of funds come calling in crypto

    In the world of hedge funds, the fund of funds went out of style in the wake of the 2008 market crash. In the world of crypto, they have yet to take off. But more firms are launching crypto funds of funds, in the belief that this is the best vehicle to attract the long-awaited, […]

  • Nitin Gaur Portrait

    Blockchain for Business Series: Decentralized Finance

    Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the movement iin the blockchain applications space that leverages decentralized network technology to disrupt and force a transformation of old financial products into trustless and transparent protocols that facilitate digital value creation and dissemination with fewer or no intermediaries. It is a widely understood and accepted that blockchain technology lays the […]

  • Webinar Recording – The Blockchain Revolution: A discussion with Alex Tapscott

    Tune into our webinar with Alex Tapscott where we discuss the blockchain revolution.