Radiance Multi-Strategy Fund is actively managed by Portal Asset Management’s Investment Committee with over 25 years of global fund management and deep digital currency industry research.

The fund is in response to a tremendous demand from forward looking investors seeking to get the most from the exponential world of digital assets with a professional institutional grade approach.

It seeks to take advantage of the opportunities within the nascent, and currently inefficient, digital currency markets. As an investment manager with a global outlook, Portal Asset Management can identify and exploit the resulting winning and losing tokens across the digital asset space through deep industry and thematic analysis as well as fundamental, bottom-up research on individual tokens.

Why invest in the Radiance Global Fund:

The Radiance Fund aims to outperform the Bloomberg’s Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI) with reduced volatility of 35%-50% annualised.

It is fundamentally focused on long-term investment and whilst quantitative analysis is part of Portal’s investment process, the fund is not quantitatively driven, but rather based on fundamental analysis. 

Reduced volatility by investing across various layers of the Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Smart Contract and NFT stack.

The Fund is uncorrelated with traditional asset classes such as equities, real estate, bonds and commodities and also with the cryptocurrency markets.