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  • Macroeconomic Analysis and Asset Allocation, and DeFi (Decentralised Finance) Webinar

    Webinar Macroeconomic analysis and asset allocation discussion followed by a discussion on Decentralised Finance covering definition, application and risk management options. Question time raises questions on counterparty risk and usability issues. Speakers Nitin Gaur IBM Digital Assets. Matthew Spoke founder of Aion Network along with Mark Witten Fund Manager First Degree Global Asset Management.

  • DeFi Webinar Portal Asset Management October 2020

    Webinar on DeFi, Origins, Trends, Regulations and Future Applications. Speakers Nitin Gaur, Director IBM Financial Sciences and Digital Assets and Christopher Gregor, IBM Consultant Financial Services and Blockchain. Will DeFi be to banks as Amazon was to Shopping Malls?  

  • Portal Digital Fund November Webinar – Defi and the Role of Ethereum

    Ethereum is the foundation of some 90% of all Defi solutions. Reason why and network capacity are the core topic of Portal’s November Webinar. Presenters are Brian Mosoff of Ether Capital, Nitin Guar Director of IBM Digital Assets and Matthew Spoke MD of Moves and past MD of the Aion Network. The facilitator is Mark […]

  • Aave, DeFi and NFT’s – Opportunities and Adoption Webinar Recording

    Aave is the world’s leading DeFi liquidity protocol. Decentralised finance creates significant opportunities for financial institutions to enhance market transparency, market efficiency, financial inclusion and systemic risk reduction for consumers worldwide. Join us for a discussion on the convergence of NFT’s, DeFi and digital currencies with a particular focus on Aave. We will also cover […]