Crypto Index Fund

The first ‘true’ digital currency index fund

Horizon Index Fund (the Fund) is a investment vehicle to receive a transparent spread across the 25 industry-leading crypto – with all stablecoin currencies, intended to maintain price parity with a target asset class, such as USD, or gold – removed. Unlike many ASX-listed crypto index funds and thematic ETF’s. The portfolio of the Fund is uniquely rebalanced every 30 days to uphold relevance across all top digital currency assets and will remain equally weighted across the cryptos, which represents a 4% position in each asset.

The top twenty-five cryptocurrencies are valued at over $3 Trillion (USD). This accounts for over 80% of the combined market capitalisation (market cap). The Fund was designed as an alternative to the immense investment bias toward exposure to bitcoin and ethereum in Q3/Q4. The Horizon Index Fund is Portal Asset Management’s first single-strategy investment product, and its second diversified fund offering.

Why gain exposure to the crypto space?

The digital and crypto assets market is a high growth asset class that provides returns uncorrelated with traditional asset classes.

An institutional grade fund structure and portfolio management process with a fully AFSL licensed and ASIC compliant Investment Manager.

Provides a simple, efficient solution for investors to gain diversified exposure to digital assets and cryptocurrency. As an alternative asset class, with market-related volatility and minimal exposure to token-specific risk.

A passive investment product with fixed fees, monthly liquidity and monthly rebalancing that provides exposure to the top 25 cryptocurrencies and digital assets by market capitalisation.

Horizon Index Fund

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