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The Fund has created a diversified portfolio to deliver returns uncorrelated with traditional securities markets.

The Fund aims to:

  • Give investors exposure to an asset class which is uncorrelated with traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.
  • Provide a net return to investors of 25% p.a. net over the medium term with much lower volatility than the market (as measured by the CCi30 Index).
  • Invest in managers around the globe who have proven trading strategies in digital assets – primarily digital currencies.
  • Ensure diversification of the fund using a multi-manager structure across different trading strategies.
  • Provide VC returns without the technology risk exposure and multi-year lockups and with 45-day liquidity

Tax efficient, set and forget, highly liquid, uncorrelated investing.


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    Notice: To invest in this fund investors must meet the Monetary Authority of Singapore's Accredited Investor Guidelines. Information is available on this link.

Invest today.

The Fund takes this difficult space, simplifies it, reduces its volatility and risk to provide investors very favourable returns.

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