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Cryptocurrencies – The End of the Beginning? Webinar Recording


Guest speaker Henri Arslanian, a partner and head of PwC Global Crypto Leader, best-selling author and Adjunct Professor at the University of Hong Kong speaks about the change in market conditions, the China mining exodus and the Defi and NFT revolution. A fascinating talk.

Portal Digital Fund Update June 2021 for Opalesque Platform


The presentation provided to the Opalesque Investor Network last June 22, 2021.

Aave, DeFi and NFT’s – Opportunities and Adoption Webinar Recording


Join us for a discussion on the convergence of NFT’s, Defi and digital currencies with a particular focus on Aave.

Gold versus Bitcoin


What gives BTC an edge on gold is not monetary flow, risk profiles, physical delivery or if gold was mentioned in the Bible and BTC was not...

Non-Fungible Tokens – Special Guest Hrish Lotiker CEO of Superworld


NFT's hold the promise of tokenising and commercialising a vast array of intellectual property from patents to theatre tickets.

Stable Coins – Participation and Adoption Webinar Recording


Guest speaker Jean Desgagne, currently the CEO of Canada Stablecorp Inc. and has been involved with Stablecorp since its inception and incorporation earlier this year.

Beyond Bitcoin Part 1 – Before The Beginning…


Beyond Bitcoin Part 1 - Before The Beginning...

Private Wealth Network Portal Webinar Notes


The world and global financial markets are complex adaptive system – everything is now more interconnected, including digital currencies. The macro picture is currently very favourable to cryptocurrencies.  Debasement of FIAT currencies is beginning to playout globally.

Stable Coin Adoption, Regulation and Risk Management Webinar Recording


Guest speaker Peter Marton, Senior Principal at Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company.

Portal Digital Fund November Webinar – Defi and the Role of Ethereum


Ethereum is the foundation of some 90% of all Defi solutions. Reason why and network capacity are the core topic of Portal's November Webinar.

DeFi Webinar Portal Asset Management October 2020


Webinar on DeFi, Origins, Trends, Regulations and Future Applications.

Macroeconomic Analysis and Asset Allocation, and DeFi (Decentralised Finance) Webinar


Webinar Discussion with Mark Witten, First Degree Global Asset Management Fund Manager, followed by Speakers Nitin Gaur and Matthew Spoke

Blockchain for Business Series: Decentralized Finance


Nitin Gaur, Director, IBM WW Digital Asset Labs at IBM, talks about Decentralized finance (DeFi).

Nitin Gaur – Director IBM Digital Asset Labs – COVID19 Event


Everything is about to change...